Monochromator Concave Gratings

A constant deviation monochromator concave grating is used in scanning monochromators to scan the signal from the entrance slit across the exit slit. Spectrum Scientific’s constant deviation monochromator concave grating removes the need for collimation and focusing optics. This reduces the number of optical elements in the system, increases throughput and allows for a more compact instrument design.

Spectrum Scientific offers a range of standard gratings. If we do not have a grating that meets your requirement, please contact our sales department as new gratings are manufactured on a regular basis. 

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1200 grooves, 260nm Concave Monochromator Grating


2-4 Wks
- *For quantities over 10 pieces please contact our sales team for discounted pricing



Reciprocal Linear Dispersion


Incident Angle from Grating Normal


Entrance Path Length


Exit Path Length