How do I clean my optics?s?
Optical components are very sensitive, please review our Cleaning Optics page for more information or contact our Information Department.

Do you offer coatings other than the standard listed coating?
Yes. Although the standard listing coating is the most popular one, we offer a variety of coatings. Please review our Coating page for more information or contact our Information Department.

Can you modify standard optics to custom sizes?
Yes. We have the capabilities to modify our gratings and optics to a wide range of sizes. Please contact our submit a Request for Quote or contact our Sales Department with your request.

Can you make custom gratings or mirrors?
Yes. We have a wide range of capabilities allowing us to make custom gratings and mirrors to fit your exact needs. To read more please visit our Custom Gratings page.

What is Littrow angle for holographic gratings?

Littrow angle will change with groove frequency.  For a blazed grating the blaze angle is the same as the Littrow angle. This angle can be easily determined by applying the grating equation: λ=2d(sinĪ´) where d is the groove pitch and theta is the angle in degrees.