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Spectrum Scientific, Inc (SSI) has been manufacturing high volume flat, aspheric and freeform reflective optics, hollow retroreflectors and holographic diffraction gratings since 2004. We primarily use the optical replication process in our manufacturing allowing us to supply high fidelity, high specification precision optics at a lower cost compared to traditional volume manufacturing.

One of our key capabilities is the manufacture of freeform optics, off-axis paraboloids and ellipsoid mirrors with surface figures down to λ/10 or better. We also manufacture plane, concave and convex holographic diffraction gratings, which can be supplied as blazed gratings using our proprietary blazing technique, which not only offers high efficiency in the UV, but lower stray light compared to conventional ion etched gratings.

Our high precision replicated optics, include spherical and aspheric mirrors (on or off-axis parabolic mirrors, elliptical mirrors, toroidal mirrors and cylinders) as well as retroreflectors, nanostructures, hybrid optics and complex optics.

Spectrum Scientific is ISO 9001:2015 certified and RoHS compliant and our production and test areas are space qualified offering a silicone free production environment where we can replicate off-axis-parabolic, ellipsoidal and freeform mirrors for space borne telescopes and optical interconnect systems. We have also supplied ultra-low stray light gratings for a number of high profile projects, including the Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO) and Ozone Mapping Profiler Suite (OMPS).

In addition to components, Spectrum Scientific offers a comprehensive design and manufacturing service, supplying custom designed spectrograph modules for OEM customers and specialist custom designed optics.

For further information on Spectrum Scientific’s range of holographic diffraction gratings, OEM spectrograph modules and replicated optics, please visit our Products section.

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