Our products can be supplied with a number of different coating options depending on the application and wavelength range required.

For ultraviolet, visible, and infrared applications, aluminum coatings are generally used as they are more resistant to oxidation when compared to silver and offer better UV performance.

Aluminum averages greater than 90% reflectance from 200nm to the far infrared, except in the 750 – 900nm region where it averages around 85% reflectance.

Silver coatings can offer better performance in the visible and NIR from 450nm to 2μm.

For IR performance gold coatings offer high reflectivity of around 97% from 700nm up to 10μm.

We also offer a range of high reflectivity DUV and VUV coatings down to 120nm.


  • Bare aluminum

Enhanced Aluminum (a multi-layer film of dielectrics on top of the aluminum is used to increase the reflectance in the visible or ultraviolet regions)

  • MgF2 protected or enhanced aluminum
  • SiO2 protected or enhanced aluminum

Gold for IR use

  • 700nm to 10um ~97%R

Custom Coatings

  • Optimized deep UV to 120nm
  • Coatings for DUV, UV, VIS, NIR and IR

For more information on our DUV and VUV coatings, please download our White Paper


Unless otherwise indicated our optics come with a standard coating of aluminum.


Enhanced MgF2 210nm

UV Enhanced MgF2

Enhanced SiO2

Enhanced Deep UV Coating - UV120

Enhanced UV Coating - UV200

If you require a coating other than the standard coating listed, please complete our Request Information form or contact our sales team.