Space Qualified Manufacturing

Optical replication allows the creation of high specification mirrors and gratings for space and astronomy applications and Spectrum Scientific has supplied a number of ultra-low stray light gratings for a number of high-profile projects, including the Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO) and Ozone Mapping Profiler Suite (OMPS).

For OMPS we achieved an absolute diffraction efficiency of 74% at 250nm (which is within a few percent of the theoretical maximum) and exceptional stray light performance with energy levels reducing to less than 1x10E-6 a few nanometres away from the first order and below 1x10E-8 between orders.

SSI has also manufactured fast-focusing concave mirrors for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory which required high-performance UV mirrors on aluminum substrates. For this application we achieved a surface figure of less than λ/80 RMS at 632.8nm and surface roughness on the order of 7Å. The final overcoat was aluminum with reflectivity at 200nm exceeding 90%.

For more information, read our Case Study on the Advantages that Optical Replication offer for Space Instrumentation.

We also have expertise in the replication of low CTE materials for off-axis-parabolic, ellipsoidal and freeform mirrors for space borne telescopes and space optical interconnect systems and our process allows us to manufacture mirrors and gratings up to 12 inch (305mm) diameter.

Our production and test areas meet ISO Class 7 cleanroom standards and are silicone free.



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