Mastering Capabilites

Spectrum Scientific has extensive expertise in producing high precision Holographic Master Gratings.

Manufactured in an ultra-stable environment, Spectrum Scientific master gratings offer the ultimate in grating performance with industry beating stray light rejection, making these gratings ideally suited for extremely demanding applications such as space flight instrumentation.

Master Gratings are available in plane, concave, convex, toroidal or aspheric format with blazed or sinusoidal profiles.


Master Gratings Options:

·         Plane, Concave, Convex, Toroidal or Aspheric

·         Surface Relief

·         Volume Phase HOEs

·         Aberration Corrected

·         VLS Gratings

·         Reflection or Transmission

mastering capabilities



Spectrum Scientific offers a range of standard gratings. If we do not have a grating that meets your requirement, please contact our sales department as new gratings are manufactured on a regular basis.