Aberration Corrected (Flat Field Imaging) Concave Grating

On an aberration corrected flat field imaging concave grating, the grooves are neither parallel nor equidistant and the grating is designed to eliminate astigmatism and allow the complete spectral range to be imaged on a plane.

This makes an aberration corrected concave grating ideal for use with planar array detectors such as photo diode arrays (PDA) or 2D array detectors such as charge coupled device (CCD) detectors. The imaging properties of this type of grating also means that multiple sources (such as fibre inputs) can be imaged simultaneously onto the entrance slit and each signal read out separately onto a 2D detector or a number of stacked array detectors.

Our aberration corrected gratings generally offer a large numerical aperture (F number) leading to increased throughput and an improved signal to noise ratio when compared to Rowland Type Gratings