Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors

Off-Axis parabolic Mirrors

Spectrum Scientific’s glass off axis parabolic (OAP) mirrors eliminates aberrations that are present when trying to use spherical mirrors in off axis conditions. OAP mirrors ensure high resolution in compact design systems and are key elements in spectrometers as well as astronomical optical instruments. OAP mirrors feature light weight monolithic designs with mounting features incorporated onto the mirror itself. They are achromatic focusing on collimation and have low scatter for UV applications. Spectrum Scientific offers optimized coating for deep UV as low as 120nm as well as coatings to suit VIS, NIR and IR.

In addition to custom manufactured mirrors, Spectrum Scientific offers a range of standard mirrors. If we do not have a mirror that meets your requirement, please contact our sales department as new mirrors are manufactured on a regular basis. 

Click for Details Product Description Part Number Energy Curve Price Lead Time Qty
62mm, 10 Degrees Glass Off-Axis Parabolic Mirror


2-4 Wks
75mm, 10 Degrees Glass Off-Axis Parabolic Mirror


2-4 Wks
62mm, 10.9 Degrees Glass Off-Axis Parabolic Mirror


2-4 Wks
80mm, 18 Degrees Glass Off-Axis Parabolic Mirror


2-4 Wks
- *For quantities over 10 pieces please contact our sales team for discounted pricing

Effective Focal Length

Distance from the focal point of the optic to the principal planes

Parent Focal Length

The distance from the focal point of the optic along the parent axis

Deflection Angle

The deviation of reflectance

Incident Angle

The angle between a ray incident on a surface and the line perpendicular to the surface at normal

Zonal Radius

Distance between the parent focal length and normal