Constant Deviation Monochromator Gratings

A constant deviation monochromator concave grating is used in a scanning monochromator to scan the signal from the entrance slit across the exit slit. Spectrum Scientific’s constant deviation monochromator concave grating removes the need for collimation and focusing optics. This reduces the number of optical elements in the system, increases throughput and allows for a more compact instrument design.

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Constant Deviation Monochromator Gratings

Constant Deviation Monochromator Gratings
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Product Groove Density (g/mm)

Product Wavelength of Peak Efficiency (nm)

Product Wavelength Range (nm)

Product Coating

Product Dimensions (mm)

Product Lead Time

Product Apex Distance (inches)

Product Beam Deviation (arcsec)

Product Blaze Wavelength (nm)

Product Clear Aperture (mm)

Product Clear Aperture (%)

Product Deflection Angle (deg)

Product Deviation Angle (deg)

Product Dia. (mm)

Product Dispersion (nm/mm)

Product Effective Fl (mm)

Product F Nbr

Product Lα (mm)

Product Lβ (mm)

Product Parent Fl (mm)

Product Peak Efficiency (%)

Product Size (mm)

Product Spectrum Length (mm)

Product Substrate

Product Surface Accuracy

ComparePart NumberProduct DescriptionPriceSize (mm)Clear Aperture (mm)QuantityMore
Compare 1200-250-022 1200 g/mm, 260nm Concave Monochromator Grating $585.00 22 x 22 x 6.7 18 x 18
Part Number: 1200-250-022
Price: $585.00
Size (mm)22 x 22 x 6.7
Clear Aperture (mm)18 x 18
Groove Density (g/mm)1200
Blaze Wavelength (nm)260
Wavelength Range (nm)260 - 450
Deviation Angle (deg)40
Lα (mm)50
F Nbr2
Lead Time2-4 Wks
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