Ellipsoidal Mirrors

Spectrum Scientific’s ellipsoidal mirrors are perfect for minimizing the number of optical components in a system. Ellipsoidal mirrors can efficiently refocus the light from one focal point to a second without the need for additional optical components thus allowing for a more compact optical system. Elliptical reflectors are commonly used in PCB, LCD or PDP production as well as solar simulators and fiber optic illuminators.

Our high precision mirrors are manufactured using the optical replication process allowing us to supply high fidelity, high specification precision mirrors at a lower cost compared to traditional volume manufacturing.

In addition, replicated mirrors feature light weight monolithic designs with the option of incorporating mounting or alignment features onto the mirror itself, improving stability and reducing assembly and alignment costs.

Our ellisoidal mirrors are offered with optimized coatings for deep UV as low as 120nm as well as coatings to suit VIS, NIR and IR. For further information, please visit our Optical Coatings page.

Spectrum Scientific does not offer a standard range of ellipsoidal mirrors, so please complete our Request Information form or contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

Ellipsoidal Mirrors