Custom Optics and Special Requests

Custom Optics and Special Requests

Spectrum Scientific offers a comprehensive design and manufacturing service, supplying custom designed optics for customers. We have successfully completed optical components for a number of high profile projects, including the OCO. Spectrum Scientific can work with you in all areas of customization from Designing to Delivery.

Our engineers and scientists work collaboratively to optimize your grating based solutions. Strategic partnering with our experienced team allows you to access our optics knowledge base. We become extensions of your engineering team.

Electronic data storage insures fast, reliable and secure data retrieval. Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and continuous process improvement are core aspects of our quality plan. Our products are tested numerous times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure quality output.

Our engineers have years of experience in rapid prototyping. SSI has established alliances with suppliers to insure delivery with short lead times.

The SSI facility has the capacity for high volume production. We are able to manufacture large quantities of gratings and mirror replicas in a standard workday.

With over 30 years of experience replicating precision optics, we are able to provide quality products at competitive pricing for low to high volume production.

A reliable supply chain is important for all of our customers. That’s why we utilize a kanban/safety stock system throughout the manufacturing plant. This creates a true pull system that responds to customer demand and market fluctuations eliminating the risk of a line shutdown.

We can create an array of specialized optics:

- Aspheric and toroid gratings

- Cylindrical and toroid mirrors

- Hybrid structures and Nanostructures

- Complex optics

- Variable line spacing gratings

- Rowland type grating


For further information, contact our sales department or submit a request.