Spectrum Scientific, Inc. is excited to announce the development of a line of spectrometers.  We are currently in the beta-testing phase of the 470 spectrometer, which utilizes our own 470 groove concave grating.  Various spectrometers are currently being modelled and prototyped.  Please contact us to request more information or a specific design today!

A spectrometer utilizes a diffraction grating to disperse light into orders, which can be read using an image sensor.  By employing gratings made in-house, using our proprietary blazing method, Spectrum Scientific’s spectrometers offer high performance in a low cost package.

Spectrum Scientific’s line of spectrometers is available with either a concave grating or a plane grating.  These spectrometers can be offered as a package complete with software and a detector or as a spectrometer engine, customizable with the user’s own software and detector.

For more information, please contact our sales department, sales@ssioptics.com