Freeform Mirrors

Freeform Optic

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Freeform mirrors are optics that have a non-symmetric optical surface and offer many advantages over conventional optics:

  • Improved Performance
  • Redistribution of tolerances in the system design
  • Reduction of the number of optics 
  • Fewer optics to align 
  • Reduction of the optical system volume 
  • Additional aberration correction

Using state of the art replication processes, Spectrum Scientific offers a cost effective method for the volume manufacture of Freeform mirrors:

  • A range of substrates including metal, glass, invar and silicn carbide 
  • Ellipse and Paraboloid profiles
  • Size 0.5 inch to 6.0 inch diameter
  • Typical surface figure down to λ/8 (λ/14 possible) 
  • Surface roughness down to 3.5Å
  • Gold or Aluminum coating

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